Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pre-Halloween Pink Saturday Post

Happy PINK Saturday everyone! This is my Pre-Halloween PINK Saturday Post and what a better opportunity to remember Elizabeth Montgomery, "Samantha Stephens", the most beautiful witch!

This is far my most favorite show as a little girl, the one I came running from school to watch...and the one that I love watching over and over again as a grown up...kid of sort of...LOL

*Dick York is my favorite Darrin in Bewitched, who is yours?

I barely found these photos of Elizabeth wearing PINK, it was hard! But I did and hope you like them! And because I love TV Shows...of course, I went "hunting" for some clips...and clips with lots of PINK in them...

And here they are! Happy watching! And Happy Halloween to all of you as well!

Do you remember how Tabitha got her name? Watch this!

What if you...were given three wishes? What they would be? Watch this!

And, fun, fun! Enjoy!

Now head over Beverly's "How Sweet the Sound" blog for more PINKNESS!

Have a great weekend!
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