Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween CSI Las Vegas Style

Happy Halloween!
This year is a CSI Las Vegas Style Halloween for me. When thinking about what costume to wear...I decided to be a character from one of my favorite TV programs! Which is CSI Las Vegas...and lucky me I had the chance to visit Vegas last year for a few days and see the real thing! Although the filming is done in L.A. and only aerial shots are taken at the Strip. During my walks along the strip I got myself a T-Shirt which was a perfect fit for my Halloween costume! All I needed to get was black shades...and no smiling...Catherine rarely does... here she is!

My friend Celina and I always joke around about who is who from the CSI's. She is Olivia in CSI Miami and I am Catherine in CSI Las Vegas.

And being Catherine Willows is not easy working at the Las Vegas Crime Lab.
My gorgeous boss...Gil Grissom is leaving {and married Sara just before she left!}...and Warrick Brown who I was also interested in "connecting with"...ended up being married and now he is dead. I "won't be fooled again"! :o) See my photos of Vegas right here.

If you love the show as much as I a tribute to CSI Las Vegas I found on Youtube. It's very well done!

Have a fun filled Halloween Day!

*And Mr. Bruckheimer...keep me in mind for future cast changes...I am here!

What are you going to be?
Do you watch CSI? Which one is your favorite?
And if you are also a huge fun like me, check this site out!
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